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Make Your Own Holiday Snow Globes

Make Your Own Holiday Snow Globes

Faber Castell

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Create 3 winter wonderland snow globes with the Make Your Own Holiday Snow Globes from Creativity for Kids! Make scenes with Santa Clause, a reindeer, a snowman and a penguin!

Holiday craft kit comes with everything you need to make 3 festive snow globes! Includes glitter, resin figures, non-drying clay, plastic tools, plastic funnel, plastic snow globes, stickers, cold silicone glue and clear vac trays

Holiday craft kit is designed to be completed by children with easy to follow steps. Simply create decorations with clay, add glitter and decorations, add water with plastic funnel and shake and display! Complete illustrated instruction make crafting easy and fun for kids ages 6+

Crafting your own holiday snow globes has many benefits for your child! Crafting helps your child learn hand-eye coordination, planning and preparation, open-ended creativity, problem solving and critical thinking!

Celebrate the holidays with an engaging and festive holiday craft kit that a small group of friends or family can complete together while they are gathering for the season!

Snow globes are kid-friendly and safe! This kit includes non-toxic craft materials. Recommended for ages 6+