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Happiness Bank

Happiness Bank

Faber Castell

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Decorate the heart-shaped, paper mâché bank with inspirational stickers and fill it with happy notes that are personal and meaningful to you. Choose between butterfly, rainbow and flower cards or create a pretty paper scroll. The kit includes everything you need for over 100 days of positive deposits.

Use the glitter gel pen to jot down something good you want to focus on each morning, express your gratitude for something or someone that you are thankful for, add feel-good memories with family and friends that made you laugh today... it is completely up to you! Word stickers and writing prompts are included to help you get started, such as: * Yay for Today... * I can show kindness by... * I am grateful for... and more!

Display your Happiness Bank somewhere special in your room. Watch through the clear window as your Happiness Bank continues to fill up with positivity each day! Once your bank is full, easily open the back and make a withdrawal. Then sit back, read, reflect and smile!

Ages: 7+

Contents Include: 1 Heart-shaped bank 8.25” x 8.5”, 30 Cards - 10 each Butterfly, Rainbow and Flower, 1 Scroll paper pad - 90 Sheets Pink, Light Blue and Lavender, 1 Pink glitter gel pen, 1 Sheet rainbow scroll sticker closures, 2 Sheets assorted stickers and Instructions